Thursday, May 6, 2021

What Does NLHE Poker Stand for?


As you very well know by now, there are plenty of different variations of poker. There are some that are already implemented in different casinos all over the world, like the Newtown Casino in Malaysia. There are also those that can only be played at the comfort of your home (or your friend’s house).

The reason why poker has so many different kinds is the fact that it suits plenty of different needs. There are people that would prefer to take their time and there are also some that would want a more fast-paced game.

Anyway, you might have heard of the acronym NLHE, right? That is actually an abbreviation that stands for No-Limit Texas Hold’Em. This abbreviation can be used to refer to the regular table version or the online version as well. It can also be called as NLH or No-Limit Hold’em, but for the purpose of this article, let’s just stick with the NLHE.

What Does NLHE Mean?

You already knew the abbreviation for this, but what are the exact rules that players must know about the game. And, how is this different from the regular Texas Hold’em?

Well, I am glad you asked. In fact, you are not the only one who threw the question out there as there are plenty of people that actually want to know the truth as well.

The term ‘limit’ is actually just the threshold to how much money a player can bet on a single wager. Therefore, ‘no limit’ just means that at any point in the game, a player can bet as many chips as they want (so long as they have it). This deed is also known as going all-in. Should the player lose that hand, they are out of the game unless they are able to rebuy the chips. In some games, you are permitted to do so, but there are also other games that you prohibited from buying more chips.

Aside from the fact that the player can go all-in on their initial wager, they can also bet more than the minimum required number of chips and they can also place whatever amount they want to raise on the table, depending on how many chips they actually have.

In most of the NLHE games, players are permitted to make a raise by at least as much as the blind for their initial raise. Should they make subsequent raises, it must be at least as much as the previous one’s value.

The rules of the game are actually in stark contrast with the regular, ‘limit’ Hold’em games where they are only allowed to place bets based on a pre-determined minimum amount.


The game of Texas Hold’em was created in Texas (hence the name). IT was introduced to the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas back in 1967.

It rose to popularity with poker players because the very nature of the game allowed them to bet on each hand for more depth and strategy.