Thursday, May 6, 2021

Casino Etiquette Overview


Gambling traditions and specific rules and regulations are being followed in many real life and online casinos. The amazing part in casino life is to learn how the gears work and what makes them function. This article will act as your map to guide you with the behaviors expected in a glamorous casino floor and casino sites like the best online casino in Thailand

1. Drink Moderately

Casinos are not a place for heavy partying. You will find hard time thinking about your plans and strategies if you are blitzed with excessive alcohol intake. Bars are open anytime and it’s the perfect place to get boozed but casinos and bars are not the same. A sip or few of a cocktail is fine to lighten the tension but heavy amounts of drinks will drag you down. The casino managements also advise to maintain sobriety as players don’t expect what outcomes are waiting for them. Experienced gamblers also enter and leave the casino without drinking a drop of alcohol.

2. Be Informed with the Rules and Regulations

Many players put their selves in the shoes of the beginners as they also came on that part of casino life but learning is a long process for all players. While slots are easy to handle, you should think twice of you know the rules and regulations of the game Craps before joining on the table. There are free lessons available online to fully understand the games before joining a real one. There are step-by-step guides that will help you understand simple to complicated games bringing you more confidence and knowledge to win the game. Concrete understanding of the basics of the game is a custom. And also be alert at the table stakes before joining. It will be a shame to bet $5 on a table that has a $50 dollar minimum bet.

3. Never Ask for the Dealer’s Advice

Real life and live casino dealers are professional staff of the casino and you may entrust your fortune because of that but dealers don’t want to be accountable with whatever the result of your game may be. It may look inconsequential to ask for their advice about the game but if you lose your chips because of their tip, the dealer will not foresee how you will react to this scenario – will act peacefully or be enraged. They will help and guide you throughout the game but not in this manner.

4. Tipping

Tip your parking attendant, dealer and other staff but be careful when giving tips to make sure that the proper amount are being given. Some casino staff’s savings depend on the tip the gamblers hand to them. It’s a professional act to be courteous with the staff and be generous to them especially when you’re winning. They deserve a token for their polite and quality service. This is a common custom and act of gratitude.

5. Put Your Phones Aside

Casinos run in an old-fashioned way, a lot different from the modern world where phones and gadgets are always on our possession. Pouring all your attention on your phone while at the table is an act of disrespect. It’s just not appropriate to be lured on your phone instead of playing which is the reason why you’re in the casino. Putting your phone in your pocket while on silent mode is not just an act showing respect but also a way to increase your focus to win the game.

6. Know the Hand Signals

Learning the hand signals conducted by the dealer in real life and live casino will make you informed on what’s happening in the game. These signals are simple but it’s extremely significant like in Blackjack where hand signals are used to know whether the cards have been dealt face up or down. When you want to ‘hit’ when the cards are face-up, you need to tap the table and if you want to ‘stick’ just wave your hand. Placing your matching bet next to the original bet and hold up one finger means ‘double’; use the same action and that means ‘split’ and so on. Don’t be overwhelmed because there are also hand signals when the cards are face-down.

7. Never Touch the Chips You Don’t Own

Touching other’s chips is absolutely undesirable. Wait for the dealer’s signal before claiming the chips on the table. In Roulette, you chips are in specific color so there’s no reason to touch another player’s chips. Stack your chips neatly when placing a bet. Don’t throw the chips away where you can’t reach them, you can ask the dealer to arrange them for you. When you already made a decision, there’s no turning back. Never touch and withdraw your chips once you placed them on the table. For more online casinos, click here.