Saturday, April 10, 2021
Mobile App

Oklahoma is Set to Release an App to Allow People to Register Their New Vehicles


With the advent of smartphones, mobile app developers have come up with nifty ways to help improve our lives. In Oklahoma, for example, motorists are going to be pleased to know that they can have their new vehicles registered just by using an app. The Oklahoma Tax Commission, in partnership with Oklahoma Interactive, has come up with a way to allow Oklahomans to register their vehicles (or renew their licenses) directly using a mobile application. This means that their car, boat, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicle registrations can be settled without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

What Users Need to Do

For people who want to register their newly acquired vehicles, all they have to do is to create an account on Gov2Go and provide information about themselves, as well as the details of their vehicle as well. The application will then create a timeline of important dates and will send timely notifications to remind users when it is time to renew their vehicle tags and other important things about their vehicles, said Bret Warren, general manager and president of Oklahoma Interactive.

In addition, Warren said that one of the niftiest features of the application would be to send push notifications directly to your mobile device, which would allow users to then renew their vehicle tags at any time of the year. This also means convenience for the Oklahomans since all you really need to have is a smartphone with the application installed in it, as well as a working mobile data connection.

Other Information

It is important for the users to know that renewing your vehicle tags will just impose an additional $2 on top of the average rate, according to Warren. This is just a worthy cost because of the savings in terms of time and effort that can be afforded to the users.
The application will also make it easier for the Oklahoma Tax Commission as well since all the commission has to do would be to send push notifications to the users and every transaction can be done from within the application. The new decal will just be sent to the homes of the users- allowing for convenience for both parties.

The Tax Commission echoed this sentiment, stating in an email that the mobile app will provide convenience for all of the citizens in the city. According to Warren, it would still be hard for the commission to know exactly how this will affect the operations, but they did forecast a much easier time for all of the parties involved when using it.

Although the mobile application is still in its “infancy” stages, Warren said that the application will be improved over time by getting the sentiments of the people and the commission.