Monday, March 8, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Automatic Watch Winder


Are you familiar with watch winders? You probably don’t know that watch winders exist before you get your first every automatic watch. Now that you are already a newbie premium watch collector, it’s to learn more about watch winders, and how to use it.

Buying women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia is not an easy job. Thus, once you get your hands into that valuable timepiece, you should learn how to care for it properly. Just like your car, your automatic watch needs care and maintenance. A watch winder is a crucial tool that can help you with this.

Rotation Setting

It is important to pick a watch winder with multiple random settings. If you wound your automatic watch in just a single direction, chances are, it will get damaged soon. Invest in a high-quality watch winder with reliable, multiple rotations settings. Winding direction must vary.

Motor Quality

Learn how to wind an automatic watch properly with the help of a watch winder with a quality motor. The most effective indicator of a great motor is the noise it makes while functioning. Great motors are typically quiet. Motors that operate silently will surely last longer.


A lot of watch winders come with integrated timers in order to avoid stressing the intricate internal systems of the watch. Automatic watches require a particular amount of winding time, and that timer would ensure that they are wound for that specific amount of time.

Model Design

The model’s design don’t really incorporate anything to the winder’s functionality, but it is still an important factor. Think of it as a secondary consideration. For many people, an aesthetically pretty timepiece can still make a big difference.