Saturday, April 10, 2021

How Do You Choose the Right Wristwatch?


Men’s watches are one of the most important accessories that a man can wear every day. Aside from telling the time, such an accessory will complement what a man is wearing during that day as well.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to help you choose the right wristwatch for you that will suit the one that you are wearing on a particular day.

Go for the Typical Shape

Most men’s watches typically have a round dial because this is the ideal shape that helps you tell the time in a more accurate manner. Although there are watches that have a square or rectangular shape, they are not that popular and it does get the attention of others but not for the right reasons.

A watch that has a round face will work on pretty much any wrist size so long as you also choose the right size for you. You may have to try the watch on to find the perfect fit for you, but for the most part, you’d want to stick with the round dials more than the square/rectangular ones.

Fit the Watch Specific to a Certain Occasion

Although you want a watch that you can wear for pretty much any occasion, there are only certain watches that have that specific trait. For instance, smartwatches can be great for active individuals, as well as for casual owners as well. These watches are perfect for everyday use. Even though you can wear them on formal events, these watches are not the perfect ones that you can put on in such occasions.

On the other hand, dress watches are ideal for formal events and they are made in such a way that will complement the suit that you are wearing. However, using them for pretty much anything else will not bode well, especially if you are thinking about wearing them for a run or something strenuous like that. Sweat and other pollutants just don’t go well with dress watches.

Consider the Brand of the Watch

Because watches have been around since time immemorial, certain watches that come from certain watchmakers can really tell other people about your taste, style, and your prestige.

For instance, if you buy and wear Swiss watches such as Omega or Rolex, people will instantly think that you are a bigshot and that you have a lot of money in your bank account. Who would’ve thought that just the brand of the watch can spark interest in the people around you?

German watches are also great as well since they offer timepieces that have some really good built-in mechanisms. Japanese watches have also been around for quite a while and they are great for people who are on a budget. Although they are not as prestigious compared to the other watches, Japanese watches like Seiko and Orient have actually made a name for themselves in the industry. Do consider the brand of the watch when you are looking for one.