Thursday, April 2, 2020

3 Expert Techniques: How to Design Smart and Avoid Costly Mistakes Later


Practicing architecture can be an overwhelming experience. Even reliable architects from top architecture firms in Malaysia experience difficult moments on the job. One of the most challenging tasks an architect can ever take on is creating a customized home.

1. Before the construction project begins, consider building siting.

The location of a home is crucial to the residents’ comfort level, as well as energy efficiency purposes. Always consider the results of passive solar design. By siting a residence, you can avoid horrible heat gains during the summer. Furthermore, sitting can impact interior lighting approaches. Learn how to leverage on natural light in bedrooms, home offices and kitchens.

2. Utilize utilize the right materials.

It’s very important for architects to pay meticulous attention to details, specifically when it comes to materials and products. Keep in mind that just in case your design uses the wrong materials, at the end of the day, costs will definitely escalate.

3. Never forget to consider the end-of-project costs.

It is very easy to overlook all end-of-project expenses when you are a home builder or architect. After all, the primary focus is the construction of a well-functioning, beautiful customized home. Remember, final landscaping and grading after the completion of the project are part of the deal, just like construction site cleanup. You must know these prices up front.